Squalane Brow Oil

KD Brows
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Magic in a bottle!

Our Plant - Derived Squalane oil 

Natural Oils are wonderful and multi-purpose tools for hair and skincare.

Squalane Oil by KD Brows is a complex of 3 organic oils — squalane oil, castor oil and black seed oil. The best thing is that all the oils act better in complex! Working together they fill the hairs and hair follicles by micro components and minerals.

Squalane oil is suitable for any type of skin and hair, but it is often used for problem/dry hair and skin.

It will leave your brows with shine and healthy groomed look penetrating deeply in hairs and hair bulbs, filling them with oxygen, vitamins E, A and fatty acids, moisturizing to hair and skin around the brows and eyes.  

Helps spur new cell growth, anti-oxidant and has a lot of properties that you generally want around your eyes, lashes and brows.

Squalane is also anti-oxidant, immune stimulator, oxygen generator and a fat/energy regulator. It promotes cell growth, prevents UV damage, is non-irritation and when used regularly could inactivate carcinogenic chemicals.


Organic & Vegan 🌿