Brow Lamination Kit PRO

KD Brows
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Perfect for Professionals & Salon Use
•Includes Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 (20ml) 

•20ML is good for 30-35 treatments 

•New Formula - no longer need to use the gel 


- It gives the eyebrows the desired shape
- Procedure time 30 minutes
- Instant result
- Effect for 4-6 weeks
- Good for 30-35 treatments 
- The procedure of long-term styling of eyebrows solves the problem of asymmetry of eyebrows, hard hairs growing in the wrong direction and gives the desired shape and color
- Lamination of eyebrows allows you to create the perfect line, strengthens the eyebrows and nourishes them with nutrients
- Eyebrow styling compositions contain locking components, enveloping hairs and contributing to their growth and density


The set includes:
- Composition #1 
- Composition #2
- Composition #3 

We highly recommended to purchase our brow lamination online course if you have never performed this procedure. 

*Note - No refunds